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Scoop: The FEC’s plans for political ad disclosures

Officials at the Federal Election Commission are reaching out to political ad buyers, among others, to solicit more comments about potential new disclosure rules, Axios has learned. At this point, most of the FEC’s efforts are around gathering ideas about ways to modernize outdated disclosure laws.

Within the FEC and on Capitol Hill, a few other ideas expected to be considered (they’re still very far off from actual implementation):

  1. Requiring all online political ads to carry disclosures
  2. Creating a database of all political ads
  3. Banning programmatic (automated) political ads from being sold

Why it matters: The past election cycle showed just how much modern campaigns lean on programmatic advertising to reach voters and donors with persuasive ads that could push them to vote one way or another.

The back story: Per Borrell Associates, $800 million was spent on automated advertising on Google and Facebook during last year’s election. The Trump campaign spent nearly as much money on programmatic ads as they did on TV ads.

Where it gets tricky: It will be hard for the six-person commission, usually divided equally among party lines, to come to a consensus around this, according to sources within the FEC, meaning that any major disclosure efforts would have to come from Congress.

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