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TVB Expects Political To Drive Second Half

At the halfway point in 2018 the year is shaping up like a kid’s birthday—the industry knows it has presents coming but it just needs to be patient. That gift is a flood of political dollars set to come during the second half. It should help give a boost to what’s otherwise been a lackluster year.

“We’ve had a very slow start to the year,” TVB president Steve Lanzano says. “I think automotive will pick up a little bit, but at the end of the day it’s going to be political that’s going to be the real driver in the second half.”

The auto category took some time to get rolling this year. Lanzano says that’s in part because a lot of dealers, especially domestic, are pulling in bigger profits on used car sales as buyers faced with higher interest rates opt for used cars. It helps that the selection of used cars has improved as a greater number of leased cars come off the market. “We did see some pickup in March and a lot of that had to do with more incentives,” Lanzano adds

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